Referenced sites

  • Sarka-SPIP


    October 2009
    The SARKA templates, used on this site


    October 2008
    SPIP Quebec community
  • Documentation du code de SPIP

    Documentation du code de SPIP

    October 2008
    The SPIP code documentation repository
  • spip mail list

    spip mail list

    October 2008
    The SPIP mailing list - principally in French, but with a specialist "channel" in English available too.
  • SPIP Mag'

    SPIP Mag’

    October 2008
    The on-line and hard-copy magazine of the SPIP community
  • SPIP-Education


    October 2008
    SPIP as applied in French educational institutions.
  • spipzine


    October 2008
    Système Public d'Information avec P libre
  • [Sedna RSS] sedna

    [Sedna RSS] sedna

    October 2008
    SEDNA - Nuts and bolts, comments and news, links and ....
  • SPIP Party

    SPIP Party

    October 2008
    The online meeting place for "spippers" and "spipiens", events, photos and community updates.
  • Forums SPIP

    Forums SPIP

    October 2008
    SPIP on-line forums - French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Arab
  • The SPIP Garden

    The SPIP Garden

    October 2008
    The SPIP Garden is a photo album of sites built with SPIP.
  • SPIP - Contrib

    SPIP - Contrib

    October 2008
    SPIP-CONTRIB Plugins, assistance and much more SPIP-related materials


    September 2008
    SPIP.NET Internet Content Management System