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Après trois éditions papier, la quatrième édition du dictionnaire est en libre accès sur Internet. Elle contient environ neuf mille termes ou locutions couvrant les domaines du commerce ainsi que ceux, connexes, de l’économie.

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Langue au chat - anglicismes, traduction, localisation

The Best On-line Law Dictionary with Thousands of Definitions & Explanations of Legal Terms.

www.lexikon.ch ist eine spezielle Suchmaschine für Lexika, Thesauri (Synonymwörterbücher), Wörterbücher, Zitatesammlungen, Abkürzungsverzeichnisse und Reimlexika im Internet.

Lexique religieux

Lexique Vaudois

Marketingwörterbuch English-Deutsch-Français

Local terminology from the Suisse-Romande and Savoy regions

Switzerland’s information portal - Switzerland - Information

The Alternative Dictionnary (slang)

UBS Dictionary of Banking
English French

Searchable directory of thousands of glossaries and topical dictionaries containing terms and definitions on hundreds of subjects.

NASA thesauri

Juris International - English, French and Spanish.
Trade treaties, international conventions Contracts: Models and Drafting Arbitration and Mediation Centres WTO : Agreements, Index, Business Guide OHADA : Compendium of Texts and Overview Electronic Commerce

PROZ - GlossPost - multilingual glossary collection from PROZ.COM
A collection of over 5000 links to glossaries on the web.

Termium - The Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic databank

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